Designer Mylar Bags

10 stylish designs

We are proud to introduce our new line of Custom Printed, Child Resistant Mylar Bags – The Designer Line. Choose from 10 stylish designs, there’s mylar for every occasion. These mylars measure 6 inches wide by 9 inches high with a 3-inch Gusset – these bags are perfect for ounces of flowers. Every custom Mylar bag features an original design with soft-touch laminate on a metallic mylar. Click here to shop for these bags in our online store. Or if you’re interested in getting your own custom mylar bags printed, You can call us at 720-531-5474 or fill out our quote form here and select mylar bags.

These 4 mil. Thick, Matte finished Mylar bags are produced and manufactured in Colorado, and are available to order in small quantities. They can be even more specifically customized by adding Brand’s logos by way of label and are sure to stand apart on the shelf.

We came with designs that can work in harmony with Brands specific Identity. There are many colorways and patterns to choose from, so adding a label for compliance verbiage and logo is very quick and easy, as that is done in-house, so in a matter of days as opposed to weeks, your packaging is delivered and is totally custom to you.