River Valley Relief came to us looking to update some designs and push their brand and packaging to the next level.

RVR wanted to reflect the beauty of their state in their design, showing the lifestyle and passions they have outside of the cannabis space. We took their current branding and took them to a whole new level of head turning graphics that pop on the shelf while still representing their brand, ideas, and company culture.
Check out the RVR website over at rivervalleyrelief.com.

We created tons of new logo’s, color pallets and design elements to bring together the company as a whole. Keeping the design simplistic, icon and color driven to feel the branding and really represent that flowing lifestyle RVR stands for. When looking to brand or rebrand a company it’s important to understand the company, its culture, and the demographic they want to reach. Professional graphic design and branding is an art form, being able to extend design to reach the consumer you’re looking for is our expertise. Full Scale’s flow from client ideas, to final designs, to printed and manufactured packaging, is like no other. At full scale we understand it all stems from design and our deep knowledge of the culture, and in-depth knowledge of printing and manufacturing processes are un touched.  When you are the process you know it inside and out. While other companies have a designer, we have an artistic army with knowledge that gives us an unfair advantage when it comes to design and print. 

For your next project hit us up to see if we are able to help your brand go to the next level. Whether you’re just starting or looking to update what you already have we are here to help be a true partner to your brand. Once clients work with us on a project it opens their eyes to how much more they can get done as our process is so easy. We work efficiently and are professionals that make the transition from your idea, to our design, to our printing process seamless. That means while other companies are sending files around or trying to middle man projects to help, we are already seamlessly printing your projects, sending proofs, and coming up with ideas for the next one! A true partner to our clients. We will help give you an unfair advantage over your competition, to take shelf space and turn heads. Sales@FullScaleCo.com to get your project started! 

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