Custom Mylar Bags — The Choice Packaging for Premium Cannabis Brands

Printed custom mylar bags are the ideal packaging for cannabis foods, herbs, and supplements.

Child-Resistant & Reliable

The strength, durability, and professional-grade seal make our custom mylar bags the ideal choice for dry flower, edibles, or other cannabis products where freshness matters. Protecting the contents of your bag is crucial, which is why we have engineered our bags to withstand anything you throw at them. Child-resistant—as they should be—our bags give you all the protection and reliability you need from your bags.
custom mylar bags

We Design & Print Custom Mylar Bags

Take pride in your product with beautifully designed and branded custom mylar bags. Our branded and customized mylar bags help you leave your mark on your products. Whether you want to add your snazzy logo to the outside of your bags or if you just want to add a few cool colors and trippy designs, we can do it for you. Our talented designers embody not just the name of your brand but also its essence.

Not only do we design, but we also print custom mylar bags. Once you decide on your design, our team will place your order and start printing your bags to fulfill your order. Our goal is to ensure your bags look phenomenal and secure the product they hold. You can trust us to deliver outstanding mylar bags that get the job done right.
custom mylar bags
custom mylar bags

Our Bag Sizes & Features

These bags are ideal for ounces of flower, edibles, or concentrate products you can get in them. We can make a bag of any dimensions to fit your product, from pounds of flower to a single-serve gummy pouch. Each bag features a customized design along with options for soft-touch laminate or metallic mylar. Give us a call to get a fully customized design according to your vision.

Designs That Stop You In Their Tracks

Looking for a high-quality pouch, but don’t want to buy any old bag to sell to your customers? We can help. Our custom mylar bags are designed from scratch by our team. The variety of colors and designs we provide are crafted to not only protect your products but also look good while they do it. The original designs on our bags make storing cannabis fun, stylish, and secure.

Child-Resistant & Smell Proof

We design our bags according to child-resistant standards to keep your flower safe and sound inside our bags. Stay in alignment with regulations by selling your products inside a completely smell-proof mylar bag.

Request A Quote

At Full Scale, we’re dedicated to uncompromised product quality. Simply fill out our custom order form to request a quote below and let us start designing the perfect flower packaging for your brand.
custom mylar bags

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