June 26, 2020

Full Scale Releases Designer Mylar Bags

Full Scale, an Integrated Branding and Packaging company with locations in Irvine CA, Denver, CO and Shanghai China has released a new line of Certified Child Resistant Mylar Pouches. Designer Mylar bags by Full Scale, offers fashion-forward Branded Packaging for emerging markets in the Cannabis Sector requiring Child Resistant solutions. Designer Mylar Bags are meant to be a gap between traditional “Generic Packaging” and the “Full Custom Program” which is the majority of the established market’s Brands.

“Our designer mylar bags are a great eye-catching retail solution for brands that need a unique approach to custom packaging, while they are still in the process of brand building as a start-up or newer company,” says Justin Walker, President of Full Scale. “Our art team came up with an incredibly attractive offer. The ability to buy off- the -shelf packaging that is already unique to a brand without doing anything but buying, is an offering that emerging markets can take serious advantage of. If I’m in a new market and playing the game of acquiring market share first – I can be on the shelf in unique packaging while my competition is waiting for their Full Custom items to be developed or delivered. These first few months are critical for Brand Loyalty in new markets – and our designer mylar bags are the perfect solution for certain retail items like flower”.

These 4 mil. Thick, Matte finished Mylar bags have a metallic sheen that pops and are available to order in small quantities. They can be even more specifically customized by adding Brand’s logos by way of label and are sure to stand apart on the shelf.

“We came with designs that can work in harmony with Brands specific Identity. There are many colorways and patterns to choose from, so adding a label for compliance verbiage and logo is very quick and easy, as that is done in-house, so in a matter of days as opposed to weeks, your packaging is delivered and is totally custom to you”.

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