Native Roots Dispensary Packaging Joint Box
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July 20, 2019

Native Roots Shopping Bags and More

One of the state’s leading dispensary brands, Native Roots, approached Full Scale with a variety of custom wants and needs.  We developed some incredible custom pieces for Native Roots including skateboards, snapback hats, apparel, one gram single-use mylar bag, and wallpaper shopping bags.  Native Roots sells joints by the thousands so we helped create a solution by manufacturing a unique box with a separator for a five-pack of joints. Native Roots was so impressed with the first version of our Shorty’s Box they returned to our agency a second time to create the second version of Native’s Shorty’s Joint pack.  Our talented design team proofs all specs and art to ensure a flawless custom-designed box which Native Roots still has in circulation today, let us know if you see a pack of these around Denver somewhere. More information about the packaging material used to make these custom mini joint boxes for Native Roots Dispensary Packaging: undersized micro-fold, die cut, scored and glued, using 18pt SBS board, a joint separator was scored and inserted. Peel and reveal label applied post-production.

It’s hard to miss Native Roots locations with their eye-catching wall paper designs and Apple- store-like dispensaries.   With 21 store fronts spread across the entire state of Colorado there’s a strong chance you’ve either stepped inside, cruised by a Native Roots shop or seen someone with Native Roots dispensary packaging in the wild.  We’re super fortunate to work with a brand as prominent as Native Roots, we were granted an ample amount of creative freedom to design an assortment of branded items such as: custom skateboards, wall paper exit bags, recreational shopping bags (for apparel) and custom Native Roots snapback hats. Native Roots does an excellent job of promoting their branded apparel and merchandise as a lifestyle brand giving them the ability to sell gear to tourists and others visiting Colorado to experience the cannabis scene.  Be sure to check out the custom Full Scale hats while stopping into any one of the twenty one Native Roots storefronts across beautiful Colorado. About Native Roots “Providing a high quality weed experience in the Marijuana Dispensary world is what we do! The Native Roots family is home to twenty of Colorado’s top medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries, and counting. Whether you are retail customer in town for a mountain getaway, or are a medical patient living in the Denver Metro Area – a Native Roots location is always just a short trip away. Find the closest store and come join the Native Fam. We carry many different marijuana strains, as well as edibles, topicals, concentrates, bubble, cannasap, shatter and cannabis wax. You can also call ahead at anyone of our locations to arrange a quick pickup. If this is your first experience don’t worry! Our team is the most knowledgeable and educated in the industry. They will take the time to explain all of our products at another level of marijuana connoisseurship…’’ 

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