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July 29, 2019

Rocky Mountain Extracts Packaging

Our initial consultation with Rocky Mountain Extracts (RME) uncovered a desire to Re-Brand their existing product line. After listening to what the client wanted out of their retail extracts packaging, our art department noted that key deliverables for the end product were based on being unique, high end, and interesting. Knowing that the client favors a metallic feel, we chose to print the ancillary packaging on holographic paperboard to enhance the sheen rather than a traditional foil. The design itself draws from the brand’s purple color, accented by black tones and subtle elements to bring out the purple and contrast it with the untouched silver tint of the paper where the logo is knocked out.

The interior packaging was directed to be as premium of a package as possible within budget. For this task, we chose the Black and Chrome Hex Jar from Full Scale. The most premium extracts packaging for the most premium product. The Chrome finish inside the Hex jar highlights the yellow and gold hues of the concentrated product that it holds, but it also allows the product to touch the pressed glass only. Thus, the customer experience matches the quality of some of the best concentrates on the market. Topped off with a metallic lid sticker, the entire package creates an elegant experience that will keep the loyal RME faithful happy (and high).

NuVue Dispensary recently launched a concentrate brand called Rocky Mountain Extracts, or simply RM Extracts. A little background about NuVue Dispensary: ‘’Founded in 2015 by Neurologist Malik M. Hasan, NuVue Pharma is dedicated to providing quality cannabis products, while investing in research and development to further unlock the treasure trove of molecules existing in cannabis. The video below provides a brief orientation of NuVue Pharma, filmed in the Spring of 2017 by Miguel Ali.’’

Links: https://www.nuvuepharma.com/extraction/

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