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October 4, 2019

Packaging Highlight: Pure Vibe

Pure Vibe approached our agency with a wide variety of needs while also trying their best to stay within their packaging budget.  At Full Scale we listened to this request by presenting some of our more affordable options when it comes to packaging solutions. Pure Vibe is most known for their THC distillate disposable vape products and vape cartridges. Their website reads “Our cannabinoid distillate vape pen and incredible e-liquid flavors can be summed up by only one word: genius”.  Because their product is positioned as being one of the best on the market we were tasked with creating a stylish, effective yet modern tab together box for the majority of their products. On the exterior of the box our design team laid out an image of the product that belongs inside each different box, along with all compliant labeling and the custom box has a hole that can also be hung in retail locations.  

vape packaging

The tab together and glued together boxes offered here at Full Scale are perhaps one of our more economical and green options when it comes to packaging solutions.  To create stronger shelf presence we also designed and produced a custom point of purchase display box for all the Pure Vibe products to be delivered and sold out of.  The point of purchase display really helps the Pure Vibe product stand out on dispensary shelves, if a product doesn’t have a P.O.P. display it can sometimes be missed by your customers.  With all our tab and glued together boxes we encourage new clients to consider creating these convenient P.O.P. boxes for shipping and display purposes – this will only aid in selling your products faster and helping to spread your branding. 

vape packaging
vape packaging

Pure Vibe also had some other needs outside of packaging that our agency was more than willing to accommodate.  We helped them design custom lapel pins and they also tasked our team with creating a mix of digital and print advertisements to help promote their vape pen products.  We also helped to mock-up a collection of t-shirt designs for Pure Vibe and while also designing a custom case to hold their vape cartridge and battery setups. See more in our portfolio.

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