alula essentials cbd packaging
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July 29, 2019

Alula Essentials CBD Packaging

It’s an exciting time for the CBD industry!  We were delighted when Alula CBD approached Full Scale to take their logo to the next level and also assist with developing custom packaging and merchandise for their entire line of CBD products.  CBD products are different from cannabis industry products because they contain less than 0.3% THC, this gave our design team the ability to be more creative and present other options of packaging to Alula.  We took their tincture bottles and wrapped them with the Milkyway galaxy to make sure that Alula CBD products stood out from the rest. The galaxy packaging matched perfectly with their constellation themed product lines with names such as Antila, Draco, Hercules, Hydra, Nebula, Phoenix and Sirius.  Alula also utilized Full Scale’s ability to design and print custom promotional materials such as Alula stickers, Alula lanyards and business cards. To aid with the launch of their website and e-commerce store we provide a set of e-commerce product photography on a black background. The work we did for Alula CBD is a strong example of the services we offer to the cannabis, CBD and hemp industries; Alula brought their original logo to our design team and we assist with taking it to the next level, similar to what we can do for your brand or growing CBD company. 

cbd packaging

About Alula CBD “Alula Essentials is derived from the Alula Borealis double star in the Ursa Major constellation. In certain cultures Alula translate as “the first leap” which we found very fitting for our first business venture. In Greek tradition the Alula Borealis positioning in the constellation represents the feet of the great bear, providing stability and strength, which we hope to provide in each of our products. Alula Essentials believes everyone should have easy access to high-quality, third-party tested, and at a reasonable price. Alula Essentials CBD offers sales to consumers in all 50 states.

Alula Essentials CBD also offers wholesale products for local and national retailers, for more information send an e-mail to: Alula Essentials CBD also offers white label services for other hemp companies’’

cbd packaging
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