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August 26, 2019

FLO Packaging, Apparel, Web Design and more

We deployed all our creative hands when FLO approached our agency for a mix of different projects they were aiming to complete: a new logo, vape pen packaging redesign, apparel, and promotional gear, website redesign and custom LED acrylic displays.  FLO’s main product lines include a variety of vape pen cartridges: 1:1 CBD cartridge, distillate cartridge, pure oil, and their recently launched high terpene Sauce cartridge.  

Step one, overhaul their current logo with a fresh design incorporating new elements with the type design. The client asked for something with a science laboratory, spacey feel while designing for the target customer. After a few rounds of design, the beaker was ultimately the design element most fused with the type design. You can see some of the different logo iterations below.

Vape pen packaging

When tasked with redesigned and recreating the look and feel of their vape pen packaging, we wanted to present options that were a combination of clean, eye-catching and modern.  For their three of their main cartridge products, CBD 1:1, Pure Oil, and Distillate cartridges. We developed a folding carton box that would hold a compliant joint tube, keeping the product secure and compliant. 

We pumped a lot of creative energy into the development of their premium Sauce cartridge box . FLO went all out on their latest box for their high-end vape pen Sauce cartridge. We designed a wrapped chipboard magnetic box with multiple foil placements and a foam insert. Inside the beautiful box, we provided a labeled child-resistant tube to hold their standard size cartridge. Additionally, the outside out the box features a sleek strain label sticker.

FLO tasked Full Scale with complete re-design of their entire website which gave us a unique opportunity to create continuity between redesigned packaging and a brand new website.  We produced the content across their entire website including interactive elements, product branding, and original product photography. Some standout and noteworthy tech that we added to their website would be the FLO product locator – enabling customers the ability to rapidly search for and find FLO products nearby.  As you continue scrolling through the seamless website design you will find a section for pop-up events that allows FLO the ability to spread the word about their upcoming dispensary and industry events.

Additional, we design a logo build animation and sound design for FLO to show off their new logo. This animation was built in Adobe After Effects using the same elements from the product packaging and website.

Here’s a little bit more information about FLO:

“All concentrates produced at FLO begin with sourcing high-quality cannabis from cultivators that demonstrate regard for the consumers, exceed compliant testing measures and grow without toxins and pesticides. The extraction process utilizes only the highest grade CO2 and nothing else. NO hidden adjuncts, NO blasts of hydrocarbons, and NO co-solvents. FLO produces the most natural and clean extract you can experience. FLO uses the highest quality CCell cartridges. Do not be fooled by imitators. If it does not say CCell on the cartridge it is an inferior impostor.’’ 


We’re always excited when a brand or concentrate company comes through our agency doors and we’re able to offer up all our services to make your brand look great! Contact Full Scale now to begin.

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