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November 19, 2019

Custom Animations for The Green Solution 

If you scroll back on our Instagram feed you’ll notice a string of custom animations we did for our Colorado client, The Green Solution.  With 18 dispensary locations spread across the state of Colorado we knew this logo design project would be viewed by countless cannabis consumers both medical and recreational.  Our creative team went to work when The Green Solution approached us to design and animate eight different cannabis strain designs. T.G.S. had asked us to incorporate elements of Colorado life and recognizable Colorado locations into their strain designs which was pretty exciting with strains like: Red Rocks Diesel, Yeti and Blake Street Bomber.  There’s an in-depth process that went into the creation and design of each of these animations and logo designs… most of these started as a sketch on paper from there we take the concepts using a digital trace pad into Adobe Illustrator where we add color and a multitude of layers to make each design unique and stand out. After we present the eight strain designs to the client and received approval or final changes for each strain our design team then passed the finished logos to our video production expert to bring each strain design to life. 

Using Adobe After-effects we dove into each Illustrator file and are able to manipulate and move the different layers around adding different vibrancy and life to each animation. For instance, the Yeti strain animation starts zoomed in and as the Yeti walks out the animation pulls back as the text displays below the design elements.  Branding your flagship strains is an excellent way to stand out in the cannabis industry and also draw attention to your shop’s most popular sellers. Are you looking to design a set of custom strain animations? Reach out to our design team and let’s chat about how we can bring your logo designs to life and then add video to create custom strain animations just like these for the Green Solution.  

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