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December 5, 2019

The Full Scale Hex Jar, The difference is in the details

At Full Scale, we are continually looking to develop the products that we can offer to our clients who are largely dispensary brands and concentrate companies. We have all watched concentrate containers develop over the years — during that evolution we’ve decided to create our very own, in an attempt to solve all the existing problems with concentrate storage.

The Full Scale Hex Jar:

-Available in five fancy finishes:
-Induction sealing cap
-Terp protector / Terp preserver
-Perfect for any type of concentrate consistency
-Perfect for topicals or CBD isolate
-Perfect for sampling out your topical CBD products

At Full Scale, we always aim to innovate, especially when it comes to packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. Packaging for concentrates has been a pretty limited sector when it comes to diversity: from glass jars to square tops to circular silicone containers (which were removed for safety reasons) we wanted to develop a concentrate jar that fits into the present requirements but would be used well into the future. A lot of hard work, time and energy goes into creating Colorado’s fine cannabis extracts we also wanted to develop a product that would help to showcase the high-end level of products going inside our Hex Jars. Chrome, Gold, and Black finished 7ml Hex Jars have a reflective mirrored bottom to add real shimmer and shine to your live rosin, live resin or live batter cannabis concentrates. We sell the hex jars in cases of 500 which comes with 500 child-resistant caps – one additional feature that makes our hex jar further stand out is the ability to induction seal the jar for safe shipping and storage. Here at Full Scale we also offer the ability to create a custom box for all your different hex jar products – adding additional branding with a flashy box can certainly help your product stand out to connoisseur-level customers. The Full Scale Hex Jar comes in five incredible finishes including Black, Clear, Frosted, Gold and Silver — you can order Hex Jars exclusively through our website (sold in cases of 500) using this link here or email us: to learn about wholesale ordering and wholesale pricing.

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