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December 17, 2019

MJBIZCON Recap & Booth Highlight

The 2019 MJBIZCON conference, Marijuana Business Daily’s Annual show, was another amazing display of the industry’s booming growth. The floor was twice as big this year and again packed with products and services from every sector but most noticeably equipment. Major manufacturers brought in their huge extraction systems to display for extractors to get their hands on and kick the tires. Some of these systems were so big you’d think they were selling brewery equipment. This is one of the reasons the show felt so much bigger this year. 

Another reason for the show’s physical growth is that brands are going bigger and bigger with their booths. Futurola had a digital floor and massive screen that featured a cinematic video of Mike Tyson with one of his new Tyson Ranch products with Futurola, as well as a visit from the former world heavyweight champion himself. The marriage of growing products and technology on display is astonishing. And certainly, CBD and hemp companies in attendance this year were plentiful.

So, how can you stand out? What makes a good booth? Our friends at The Clear created an elegantly branded booth with help from Full Scale. Their booth stood out because it was designed to feel like a small shop where you could browse their products. Full Scale recently completed a fresh set of designs and labels for the CBD line. We also provided some branding design for the booth itself, plenty of stickers, t-shirts, printed sales materials and an animated video loop for their screens. Check out this video for an inside look

MJBIZCON is a great place to network and shop for new sources and vendors. For exhibitors, taking the time beforehand to prepare your team and equip them with handouts and giveaways is key. The Clear was ready. Learn more about the Clear on their website and follow their Instagram account.

What booths did you notice and recall?  Look for us next at IndoExpo Denver on January 25-26 2020. 

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